To make Dallas a better city, we must help others learn to lead effectively. 

Dallas Leadership Foundation believes in the power of one. When one person learns to lead, they inspire others to imagine their own potential. It takes one person to create a ripple effect of change. DLF's work places us in the middle of our city's most overlooked places for leaders. We work in low-income communities, schools, and prisons to teach faith based principles and provide resources to transform lives and communities. 

Through August 31st, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000. Support DLF's work in Christian leadership development today. 



Dallas Has A Leadership Problem

In 2018, DISD was noted for being home to high schools with the lowest graduation rates in Dallas County with graduation rates as low as 67%. 

30% of people arrested in Dallas County are re-arrested within one year. 40% of inmates in state jail, like Hutchins State Jail, are re-arrested within one year. 

Dallas has made the news several times this year for our crime rate. The city's violent crime and murder rate are one of the worst in more than a decade.

Without leaders of strong character, Dallas' problems will persist. How can you help?

Dallas Leadership Foundation wants to make our city and our world a better place. Through the development of Christian servant leaders, we have worked to transform communities, prisons, and schools for over twenty years. You can help us do more by supporting our mission!


Here's How Your Investment Makes A Difference

DLF's greatest joy is serving others well. Click on the stories below to learn more about how your gifts go to work through the lives of local leaders.


Erica, a shy teen, found her voice and uses it to helps her friends thanks to the Youth team and what she learned at Power Lunch.
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Eric found himself in a hopeless situation after relapsing. Learn how the Faith Based Dorm helped him change his life.
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Alendra returned home to a very different Mill City. Discover how she's working to reduce crime and bring people together.
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Make A Gift. Double Your Impact.

Through August 31st when you make a gift to Dallas Leadership Foundation, it will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000. 

Please join us in our mission to make Dallas a city equipped with Christ like leaders. 



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