Our Strategy

DLF is a Christian, non-profit leadership organization that partners, equips, and resources local leaders to build healthier communities throughout the Dallas area. We have a strategic approach to effective community transformation.

First, we identify local leaders.
We believe local leaders are the key to a healthy city. We have seen that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution.

Second, we know the people we serve.
We spend time with those in need—we sit on their porches, we eat with them, we go where they are. From the neighborhood to the school to the prison, we are present. We know our people intimately, and we are able to understand their real needs and care for them in the way they need most.

Third, we intentionally develop leaders.
We facilitate an environment where leadership growth can happen, and build solutions with the people—not just for the people. We learn what’s most needed from local leaders and their community, then we build solutions with those leaders that bring the greatest benefit to their constituencies. We match their brilliant strategies with our strategies and resources to create flourishing for those who have been overlooked historically. We have seen that excellent, developed leadership transforms communities for the longest period of time.

Our Initiatives

We partner with local leaders to develop programs that impact lives in our at-risk schools, prisons, and lower-income neighborhoods. Our initiatives produce health, resources, education, and financial aid to those in need. We listen to our neighborhood leaders and adjust our initiatives based on each specific need.

We currently serve our Dallas communities through the following initiatives: