Business Partners

"Dallas Leadership Foundation is a collaborative organization that brings together corporations, churches, neighborhood groups in partnership to work side-by-side in the neighborhoods that are all very important to our community."
Crystalyn Holubec, Texas Instruments

"DLF finds people and gives us an opportunity to do what's in our heart."
J.R. Bolos, United Renovations

Jeff Swope, Managing Partner - Champion Partners
"DLF embodies passion. It comes from the staff people; it comes from the community. There's just a passion there.'"
Butch McCaslin, McCaslin Development Corporation
"I got involved because I saw the amazing impact DLF was having in so many neighborhoods and I wanted my company to be a part of that".
Dick LeBlanc, Hanover Property Company
"In working with men and women recently released from prison, we realized that we needed help, consulting and networking. DLF is uniquely qualified to quarterback that activity."
Steven Bolos, United Renovations
"It's my belief that DLF has proven that we can all do something together and have a great impact".

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